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The latest Nintendo eShop sale discounts Cuphead, Ni No Kuni, Binding of Isaac and more

Would you look at that, a raft of stellar indie games has fallen in price by up to 90 per cent in the latest round of reductions to hit the Nintendo Switch eShop.

I think the highlight of the lot is Cuphead at £12.74. The tough-as-nails run and gun action game doesn’t mess around when testing your skills against its gallery of over-the-top bosses. All the while it looks wonderful too, thanks to that classic cartoon art style. Good luck if you get this one!

Speaking of super-hard games, how about The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ for £17.99? This version of the gross-out and brilliantly-designed roguelike from Super Meat Boy’s Edmund McMillen and co has all of the previous updates and expansions included. That means there are even more bizarre configurations of the poop-filled basement and strange demonic enemies to encounter. I’ve already lost countless hours to the PC version of this, so the idea of having it on the go as well sounds ideal.

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