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The Switch is getting a few more Neo Geo Pocket titles this summer

Following the release of SNK Gals’ Fighters earlier this year more Neo Geo Pocket games are coming to Nintendo’s Switch later this summer, with the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection soon bringing King of Fighters R2 and Samurai Shodown 2 to the hybrid device.

You might already have the Switch version of Samurai Shodown 2, which was a pre-order bonus for SNK’s latest Samurai Shodown game, but it’s now going to be a little easier to get hold of. It sounds like more Neo Geo Pocket Color games are also inbound after the release of this latest brace as part of the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection in July. Is it too much to hope for a release of SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash any time soon?

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