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There are loads of discounted games, TVs and more tech in the latest eBay sale

In an event that’s starting to feel more and more like groundhog day with each passing week, we’re back writing about yet another eBay sale. It’s another good one, though, as there are savings of up to 20 per cent up for grabs on games, consoles and loads of other top tech.

This week’s randomly generated voucher code of choice is ‘PANORAMA’. It seems the tried and true technique of flipping a dictionary to a random page and seeing which word jumps out at them first is still in full effect.

Nevertheless, you can use this coupon to get either 10, 15 or 20 per cent off your purchase depending on the retailer and product. Many of the usual suspects are eligible, such as Currys PC World, The Game Collection and more. Of the lot, Currys appear to have the best offers right now as they haven’t pulled the classic trick of bumping their prices up the day before the code went live.

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