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There’s a secret Jedi Force Choke blueprint hidden in Dying Light 2

And you’ll need to unlock another secret area before you can get it.

There’s a blueprint in Dying Light 2 that lets you perform a Star Wars-esque Force Choke on your enemies.

Interestingly, unlike some of the other secret blueprints secreted around Dying Light 2’s world, this is a secret hidden inside another secret, as you need to access the hidden Doom level in the basement of the VNC skyscraper before you can acquire it the blueprint.

If it’s a trick you’d like to add to your arsenal, AshesWolf’s video above has a full rundown on how to acquire the Dying Force blueprint, which you’ll find off a secret passageway hidden behind a wall. You’ll need a hefty 369 scrap to make it, and you’ll get 16 uses from it (thanks, PC Gamer).

Seems there are still plenty of secrets left to uncover in Dying Light 2. Only last week, someone found a secret and completely rideable bike.

“Dying Light 2, with its varied systems lifted wholesale from elsewhere, is a welcome reminder of how hugely entertaining [AAA blockbusters] can be,” Martin wrote in Eurogamer’s review of Dying Light 2, in which he recommends the game.

“There’s a brutality to its breadth, to the vastness of its world – this is the triple-A experience served up with the subtlety and grace of a modified hammer to the head. It’s rarely elegant, but it is most definitely enjoyable.”

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is off to a flying start, having clocked up 160,000 concurrent players on Steam within hours of its release.

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