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There’s a shiny figurehead up for grabs in Sea of Thieves’ new two-week fishing challenge

If, for some reason, the simple, serene pleasures of oceanic angling aren’t already enough to tempt you to whip our your rod in Sea of Thieves, Rare is offering additional incentive for the next two weeks in the form of a surprise fishing challenge, with prizes.

Sea of Thieves’ Hunter’s Haul event, as it’s officially known, starts today, 24th February, and is split into two separate week-long challenges. During the first week, you’ll need to hoist 120 fish of any type out of the water at old Merrick’s behest. Those that manage to do so by Sunday, 1st March, will receive 250 Doubloons to spend in-game.

Things get a little more specific on 2nd March, and players will be required to catch 60 relatively rare Trophy fish variants before the event reaches its conclusion on 9th March. Do this, and you’ll be awarded 300 additional Doubloons.

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