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These are the most wanted items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now

We already know that despite its deceptively wholesome presentation, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a terrifyingly robust black market, but Polygon has now dug a little deeper into the island sim’s online marketplaces to assess what are the most coveted items players are seeking right now.

According to Nookazon, the most popular items are Nook Miles Ticket, the cutting board, Ironwood dresser, Crescent-moon chair, and fish bait. Nook.Market, however, seemingly has a different clientele; here, the Cute bed is top of the wishlist, with the soft-serve lamp, pinball machine, floor light, Cute DIY table, espresso marker, double sofa, Imperial partition, and Cute sofa all taking a space in the top ten respectively, too.

Naturally, one person’s trash is another’s treasure – and I say this as someone with about five soft-serve lamps in storage – but it’s curious to see demand for cutting boards and ironwood dressers are still thriving.

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