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This new mod lets you play Cyberpunk 2077 in VR

But you’ll need a R.E.A.L. beefy PC to run it.

Headsets up, VR fans! Master modder Luke Ross is back with another brilliant update for his R.E.A.L. VR mod and this time it allows you to experience the thrills of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City in virtual reality.

Just like Luke’s other R.E.A.L. VR mods there are no motion controls here, only head tracking. This means you will need a controller to play the game but after trying out the mod for myself, I can safely say that this doesn’t detract from the magnificence of the experience at all. Driving through the middle of the busy, neon lit Night City at night time is a sight to behold and the huge amount of world detail means that the immersion stays high, even without the option to physically reach out and touch things.

You can watch me try out the first two hours of Cyberpunk 2077 in this week’s episode of VR Corner. Starting off as a fresh Nomad character, I go from the Badlands, into Night City (via a botched smuggling run) and right through to the mission where you need to rescue Sandra Dorsett from a bathtub full of ice.

If you fancy trying out the mod for yourself, you can get access to it right now by becoming a paid member of Luke’s Patreon, but be warned – you will need a fairly powerful PC if you want it to run smoothly.

I currently have a RTX 3070 in my rig and you’ll see in the video that, for the most part, the game ran at around 50-65fps depending on how busy the game was at the time. It’s worth pointing out though that I was running my video capture software at the same time as the game. When I was playing without capturing footage the frame-rate increased to 60-70fps so that should be way more comfortable on your eyes/brain.

Cyberpunk 2077 is quite a temperamental game at the best of times though, and near the end of the VR Corner recording you will see a section where the frame-rate absolutely tanked. I solved it relatively easily by restarting the game but this unpredictability is worth baring in mind if your VR legs are not that strong.

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