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This new VR mod for Content Warning makes monster hunting feel super immersive

After burning incredibly brightly for a short while, it feels like Content Warning’s star might be dimming rather quickly now. One minute there were a million TikToks and streams about it, and the next… well, people seem to be moving on pretty fast. Faster than they did with the game’s inspiration, Lethal Company at least.

Talking about Lethal Company, this week’s featured flatscreen to VR mod for Content Warning has been created by the same talented modder who made the VR mod for Lethal Company, which we streamed a while back

. DaXcess, as they’re known in the modding community, has once again created a stunning (and best of all, free!) flat to VR mod for Content Warning that not only adds full 6DoF to the game but also proper motion controls too.

This means you can lean in and inspect absolutely every little detail of the games’ chunky graphics, whilst also being able to hold and point the video camera (or any other tools) in any direction you want. It all feels very freeing in a way that flat gaming doesn’t and being able to treat the game and its props in a way that you would if you were using them in real life is super immersive; as you’ll see in this week’s episode of VR Corner (above!).

As I mentioned at the start of this post, it does feel like Content Warning is slowly fading out of relevancy but this VR mod absolutely breathes new life into the game. I would love to play this with four other VR users, I bet it’s a load of fun, and honestly, I feel like Content Warning’s developers should try to embrace this mod as much as possible as (in my opinion) it feels like the best way to experience their game. And who knows, maybe this mod will even help bring this influencer-simulator back into the spotlight!

Video up top not showing you the glorious hashtag content? Then watch the YouTube version of VR Corner here!Watch on YouTube

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