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Top 10 best horror games for iPhone and iPad (iOS)


Fran Bow

Developer: Killmonday Games

Genre: Adventure

Fran Bow

Fran Bow is a point and click adventure game full of horror – from the main character starting off in an asylum to the world that she goes into when she takes her pills. The world is full of scary characters, creepy situations, and a world so far from our own it’s quite scary in itself.

The game is divided into chapters that cost around $2 each, so it’s advisable to test the first one before you decide to buy the rest. If it’s not your cup of horror, you can always pick another iOS horror game from our list!

Download Fran Bow


Rest in Pieces

Publisher: Itatake

Genre: Endless running

Rest in Pieces

There are a lot of fears that are seen time and time again among people in the world. Rest in Pieces takes the concept of common fears and brings them to life. You play as a fragile, porcelain doll that is trying to stay alive while getting closer to the things you fear most. Each of these dolls have their own fears – from sea monsters to clowns, and all of these fears need to be met in order to make it back to your world. Be careful to not get shattered. A very interesting setting for an iOS horror game.

In case you want to know more, read the complete Rest in Pieces review.

Download Rest in Pieces


Year Walk

Developer: Simogo

Publisher: Simogo

Genre: Adventure

Year Walk

Year Walk is yet another first-person adventure game set in a forest. This time around, though, it’s a snow-covered 19th-century Swedish forest. Simogo’s eerie title revolves around a ritualistic vision quest that allows you to take a peek into the future. This phenomenon is known as, well, the “year walk”. The Year Walk game itself is all about solving puzzles, which is pretty easy when you have our complete Year Walk walkthrough to help you.

Download Year Walk


Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Developer: Ideaworks Game Studio

Publisher: Activision Blizzard

Genre: Arcade, Conversion, Shooter

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, you can grab a weapon, team up with three of your friends, and mow down waves of zombies until your heart’s content. Don’t think for a second that this game is a walk in the park, though. It isn’t.

The walking dead will hunt you down across multiple maps and a variety of game modes, including a 50-level gauntlet mode that’s said to be the “ultimate undead challenge”. It’s one of the least scary horror games on iOS but it’s surely fun!

Download Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies


The Walking Dead: The Game

Publisher: Telltale Games

Genre: Adventure

The Walking Dead: The Game

What can I say about The Walking Dead: The Game that hasn’t already been said? Not much. I mean, Telltale’s point-and-click adventure has been showered with so much praise and earned so many Game of the Year awards and accolades, what else IS left to say?

If you’re a fan of AMC’s hit The Walking Dead TV show or Robert Kirkman’s increasingly popular graphic novel series, you need to play this five-part episodic game. Now. The Walking Dead: The Game centres, for the most part, on brand-new characters, though a few familiar faces make appearances, too. Again, maybe it’s not as frightening as some other horror games on iOS, but it’s definitely worth a try!

Download The Walking Dead: The Game 


Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Developer: The Men Who Wear Many Hats

Publisher: The Men Who Wear Many Hats

Genre: Adventure, Retro, Shooter, Simulation

Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is a comical zombie-survival spin-off of the classic educational title The Oregon Trail.

Basically, you have to travel westward in a station wagon with four of your best buddies, scavenging for supplies and fending off attacks from biters along the way. In Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, there are a number of ways in which your party can die. Contracting dysentery is one of them. Yup, comical.

Download Organ Trail: Director’s Cut


Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell

Publisher: Tin Man Games

Genre: Adventure, Card/board game

Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell

Are you familiar with the Fighting Fantasy franchise? For those of you who aren’t, it’s a series of interactive books and novels that enable you to carve your own path through the narrative.

In House of Hell, you have to navigate the many rooms and corridors of the monster-filled mansion that you’ve entered following car trouble and a freak storm. There are lots of items to pick up, plenty of nasties to battle, and hundreds of decisions to make.

Download Fighting Fantasy: House of Hell


The Dark Meadow

Developer: Phosphor Games Studios

Publisher: Phosphor Games Studios

Genre: Shooter

The Dark Meadow

You’ve just awakened in an abandoned hospital. You have no idea how or why you’re there. All you do know is that a mysterious white witch is patrolling the hospital’s derelict hallways. Your aim, then, is to discover what the hell is going on.

In order to do this, you must first defeat waves of monsters with a crossbow and a sword in Infinity Blade-style gesture-based battles. If you are a fan of exploration, this game will encourage you to do so even more, as you’ll find the best items stashed away from the prying eyes.

Download The Dark Meadow


Samsara Room

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Samsara Room

Samsara Room is another point and click adventure game that is quite unsettling when you play it. There is always this feeling of something not being quite right, something being almost wrong, but you can’t figure out what. You find yourself waking up in a room, not knowing where you are, and you just need to escape, but you keep seeing something creepy lurking in the shadows. The puzzles are challenging and so well designed.

Samsara Room even got a remake not so long ago, and what’s more important – the developers decided to hand it out for free!

Download Samsara Room


Eyes – The horror game

Developer: Paulina Pabis

Publisher: Paulina Pabis

Genre: Action

Eyes - The horror game

Eyes is a terrifying survival horror game for iPhone full of ghosts, monsters, the idea that you are always being watched, and spooky jumpscares. I hate jumpscares, they literally make me jump every single time, but if that’s what you want you won’t find a better game to give it to you. You will be trying to escape strange rooms that have been abandoned, finding useful items, and trying to stay within the light.

Download Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters

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