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Treasure hunting comes to Apex Legends’ season 5

To get us properly excited for the launch of Apex Legends’ fifth season, Respawn has shared more details about what’s coming up, including news of a season-long treasure hunt.

The new season will see nine pieces of a mysterious “artifact” secreted around the world, and your job is to find them all. Competitive play will be rewarded with Treasure Packs regardless of whether you’re playing duos, trios, LTEs and/or ranked modes. As well as the usual rewards – crafting metals, XP, Apex Packs, and so on – you’ll also unlock a new “Hunt” for every five Treasure Packs you earn. There are 45 of these packs to collect in all.

The weekly Hunts – which kick off on 19th May, unlocking once you have at least five Treasure Packs – are where you’ll be able to go into Kings Canyon at night to “brave the dangers solo or with your squad and make it back alive” to find and retrieve pieces of the artifact.

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