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Ubisoft reportedly set to tease a battle royale called Hyper Scape

UPDATE 5.30pm: Hyper Space is now official, albeit in just about the most scattershot way imaginable thanks to the slightly confusing blend of tease, announcement, and streamer reveal that Ubisoft has decided is the best way to sort-of-unveil its game this evening.

Your first port of call should be Ubisoft’s new teaser site, which is presented as the home of Prisma Dimensions, a technology company specialising in “direct neural simulation”. Read down, and there’s some in-universe talk of its new product, Hyper Space, which will be hosting the “the pulse-pounding action of Crown Rush” on the neon-drenched streets of the virtual city Neo Arcadia – with more to be revealed this Thursday, 2nd July.

Those wishing to do so can sign up for news via the Prisma Dimensions website.

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