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Ubisoft will reportedly re-reveal Skull & Bones next month

Rumour has it, Ubisoft’s long-anticipated pirate game, Skull & Bones, will be formally revealed next month along with a release date. (thanks, VGC) believes the publisher has plans to showcase the game sometime in the week commencing 4th July, intimating we may soon get a release date and more details about what the game entails.

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“Details on what will be revealed are vague, but it’s understood that Ubisoft will finally confirm a release date for the long-awaited title, officially reveal gameplay, and share some other additional details,” the site says.

The rumour follows rating board confirmations in other parts of the world, including Brazil, and a leak of Skull & Bones’ four-minute tutorial video back in April, which Ubisoft eventually confirmed was real.

Originally revealed back at E3 2017, Skull & Bones – which is being developed by Ubisoft Singapore – was initially due to release on Xbox, PS4, and PC sometime the following year. However, it’s now been subject to two official delays, once in 2018 and another in 2019. Then last summer (Q2 2021), we learned the pirate game was now expected to launch at some point during its 2022-2023 financial year – which ends in March 2023.

We found out that Skull & Bones was being extensively reworked with ‘live’ elements about eighteen months ago, and was now planned to feature a persistent world and a shifting cast of character and quests and a greater focus on co-op play.

As Victoria summarised for us yesterday, Ubisoft has seen a fair amount of bad press and overall poor performance of late, a result of which has seen its chief executive Yves Guillemot forgo around a third of his annual compensation, equating to a pay cut of €310k (approximately £266k / $327k).

A Ubisoft spokesperson told press that this was a “personal decision by Yves Guillemot, which he took considering that the company had not reached the financial targets that it had publicly communicated to the markets”.

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