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V Rising hits 2m sold in first month

Vampiric survival game V Rising has hit the 2m sales milestone since launching itself fangs-first onto Steam a month ago.

The game’s early access version – a mix of base-building and crafting with multiplayer elements – has proven very popular, and positive reviews helped it hit 1m copies sold in just over a week.

A look at V Rising’s early access version.

“We at Stunlock are very proud of the amazing start V Rising has made since launching on Early Access,” Rickard Frisegård, boss of Swedish developer Stunklock said.

“Our goal is to make the best vampire game possible and this is a clear indicator we are on the right path. We will strive to reward our players with a new, ground breaking survival experience and also satiate any bloodlust.”

Our Bertie tasted V Rising himself and found it an enjoyable experience, though one which is best consumed with friends.

“V Rising is undeniably a very playable game, and for an early access release, surprisingly robust too,” he wrote in Eurogamer’s V Rising hands-on. “And the prospect of more in the months to come – more variety, more tuning – excites me no end.”

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