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Warframe’s big quality-of-life-focussed Revised update out now on PS4 and Xbox One

Following its PC launch at the beginning of March, Warframe’s massive quality-of-life-focussed update is now available on Xbox One and PS4 – and it’ll be coming to Switch “soon”.

Warframe Revised, as the update is known, is bit of a beast, introducing numerous changes across a broad array of systems, bringing the likes of AI aimbot improvements, self-damage removal, and significant overhauls to Warframe’s armour, health, and shield system.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, relates to the Rising Tide quest added at the end of last year, which enabled players to build their own dry dock and Railjack ship in the run-up to Warframe’s subsequent deep-space-combat-focussed Empyrean update.

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