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Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk release date and what to expect from the event explained

Thanks for the memories.

The Last Hours of Verdansk event in Warzone is right around the corner, and with it comes the culmination of the battle royale map that has been a constant for many seasons.

Similarly to the Warzone nuke event from early 2021, as well as the even surround the reveal of Black Ops: Cold War late last year, you can expect more than just a few fireworks this time around.

This will arrive as part of Vanguard Season 1, which will offer the usual array of new operators, weapons and a new Battle Pass. In addition, Warzone Pacific introduces the long awaited integration with Vanguard, as well as the new Warzone Pacific map Caldera.

This page outlines the Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk event start date and what to expect from the event.

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Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk release date: When is the Last Hours of Verdansk event in Warzone?

Initially scheduled for Tuesday, November 30th before being pushed back, the Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk event will take place on Monday, December 6th and end on Tuesday, December 7th.

The date can be seen on Warzone’s public Trello board. Start times are yet to be disclosed, but we’ll update accordingly once the developer shares more details.

While we wait for the Warzone new Pacific map Caldera release date to arrive, there’s the Secrets of the Pacific locations to collect. Elsewhere in Warzone Season 6 we’ve seen Vanguard weapons STG 44 and Garand, WW2 bunkers and the .410 Ironhide and Grav. Elsewhere, learn our recommendations for the best Warzone weapons across the game, including best assault rifles and popular choices such as the AMAX, C58, MG 82, OTs 9, FARA 83, Stoner 63, AK-47, Bullfrog, PPSh-41 and Swiss K31.

What can we expect from the Last Hours of Verdansk in Warzone?

Following upon the Battle of Verdansk and Secrets of the Pacific events, the Last Hours of Verdansk promises a similar spectacle as we bid farewell to the battle royale map.


While we don’t know much about the specifics as of yet, leaks suggest the appearance of one last flashback retelling the Visions of Verdansk (thanks to @ModenasHD on Twitter for the data mine). This may be a recollection of past events, such as the ones we mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as particular moments such as the Numbers event.

In addition, there were also indications that Contracts and Supply Boxes may reward ‘memories of yesterday’, alluding to the possibility of seeing previously available cosmetics making a comeback as well in case you missed any. It would be interesting to see whether or not this involves weapon blueprints as well, but for now, all the can do is wait and see.

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