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Watch Ian unleash his inner rock star in 30 minutes of Hotel R’n’R PSVR gameplay

Becoming a real-life rock star sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Money, fame and and non-stop partying are excellent end goals, but when I was younger I quickly realised that to accomplish those goals I’d have to actually put the time in to learn an instrument. So I chucked that dream in the bin and just played videogames instead.

Lovely videogames have had my back though and subsequently I’ve earned millions in GTA Online, I’ve performed to packed arenas in Guitar Hero and now, thanks to Hotel R’n’R on PSVR, I’ve been able to fulfil my deepest of rock star desires by going on a hotel room trashing rampage.

Hotel R’n’R has been performing to smaller audiences in Early Access since 2019 but it’s hoping to hit the big time when the full game goes on tour this coming Thursday 28th on both PC headsets and PSVR. While there’s plenty of PC footage from the Early Access build out there, this week’s Ian’s VR Corner is one of the only places you’ll be able to watch a big chunk of the PSVR build in action before launch.

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