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What it’s like to develop a game for Xbox Series X – according to the creator of Chorus

Microsoft has just announced a raft of third-party Xbox Series X games, and among them is Chorus, a new fast-paced space shooter aerial combat game from German studio FishLabs. FishLabs has been working on Chorus since 2017, and it’s now getting the game ready to launch across the current and next-generation of consoles as well as PC and Stadia at some point early 2021. According to Microsoft, Chorus is “fully engineered to take advantage of Xbox Series X’s powerful hardware”. But what does that mean, exactly?

Ahead of Microsoft’s special episode of Inside Xbox, in which Chorus was announced, we had the chance to speak with Johannes Kuhlmann, head of core technology at FishLabs to find out what it’s like to develop a game for Xbox Series X – and what he makes of the various claims Microsoft has made about its beefy next-gen console.

Chorus is said to be taking advantage of some specific features of the Xbox Series X. Can you talk a bit about what those are exactly?

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