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What to do in Sea of Thieves: How Voyages work, Tall Tales explained, and other goals to get you started

Swashbuckling, open-world sandbox Sea of Thieves has changed considerably since its debut in 2018, and its release on Steam is the perfect excuse to pay it another visit.

Adventures now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in Sea of Thieves’ sandbox; there are bite-sized voyages, big cinematic quests, tough optional challenges such as the Skeleton Forts and Skeleton Fleet battles found by sailing to a skull or ship cloud – and others that evolve emergently while out in the world. You can even do a spot of fishing.

Your first port of call, however, should be the Maiden Voyage tutorial, which provides basic hands-on experience with the likes of sailing and ship repairs. Even then, you might have questions about what to do from there – once the entire ocean is yours for plundering.

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