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Where to pre-order Ghostwire Tokyo: price, release date and bonuses

Including an excellent metal poster deal.

Bethesda released their first PlayStation 5 console exclusive title with Deathloop in September 2021, and their next PS5 console exclusive hits shelves this week on 25th MArch with Ghostwire Tokyo. The game is from acclaimed Japanese studio Tango Gameworks, who were responsible for the two excellent Evil Within horror games. Ghostwire Tokyo isn’t an outright horror title, but looks equally unique and strange.

Ghostwire Tokyo has horror and supernatural elements to its story and gameplay, but it’s mostly an action adventure title. The story has you find a deserted Tokyo where the only living beings are ghost-like creatures known as ‘visitors’. Using a combination of physical and magical abilities, it’s your job to find out what happened while fighting these enemies.

Ahead, we’ve listed all the best places to pre-order Ghostwire Tokyo standard and deluxe editions, as well as the pre-order bonuses up for grabs.

The best and cheapest places to pre-order Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition

Usually, you can save a few pounds pre-ordering most games, but Base are coming through with Ghostwire Tokyo. They’re selling the standard edition on PS5 for £44.85, which is over £15 off its standard RRP. And if you prefer buying your goods from ShopTo, they’re currently offering the game for £49.85.

ShopTo also include pre-order bonuses of in-game content, such as the hannya and premium biker outfit packs, something that’s also included with Game, Argos and 365games pre-orders too.

If you’re looking for a bonus to sweeten the deal, Amazon has just the ticket. They’re selling both the standard and deluxe versions of the game on PS5 with an included exclusive metal poster. This would make a great collectible, especially as it’s not available anywhere else. The same goes for both the standard and deluxe editions from them on PC too.

Best Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition pre-orders in the UK

Best Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition pre-orders in the US

The best and cheapest places to pre-order Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition

The deluxe edition of Ghostwire Tokyo includes two extra outfits and a weapon. The outfits are the streetwear and shinobi looks, so you can make your character stand out even more. And the kunai, a small dagger-like weapon, is sure to let you defeat enemies in a more creative way than the standard starter combat.

Best Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition pre-orders in the UK

Best Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition pre-orders in the US

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