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With any luck, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone mid-Season 4 weapon tuning will nerf the hell out of the Grau

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s long-awaited weapon tuning is set for the middle of Season 4, Infinity Ward has said.

In a tweet, co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot said a batch of weapon tuning is in the works for the mid-season update, with patch notes to come when the tuning drops.

Cecot responded to a tweet from a Modern Warfare player who was asking whether the Grau assault rifle would be nerfed. Anyone who’s playing Call of Duty at the moment, whether that’s Modern Warfare or Warzone, will probably point to the Grau as the most popular weapon. And it’s popular for a reason: this devastating, meta-dominating assault rifle is easy to handle, easy to control, and powerful at a variety of distances. It has come to dominate battle royale – to the point where most players call it in – or at least try to call it in – via a loadout drop.

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