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World War Z gets cross-play on Xbox One and PC, is free on the Epic Store

Developer Saber Interactive’s enormously popular co-op zombie shooter World War Z now supports cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC, and, to celebrate the occasion, it’s free on the Epic Games Store and heavily discounted on Xbox One.

Cross-play, which was initially anticipated to arrive at the end of last year as part of World War Z’s second season of free post-launch updates, will enable players using official servers on PC and Xbox One to join forces and tackle PvE missions, as well as its wave-based Horde Mode Z. Saber says that PS4 cross-play support will come “at some point in the future”.

That’s the big headline feature of today’s World War Z update, but there’s a little more besides. As outlined in the latest patch notes, there’s a new mission objective, requiring players to loot and transport a Virus Sample (which will imbue an increasing number of negative effects on players the longer they hold it) to the end of a stage.

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