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Xbox mobile app getting Instagram-style makeover with new stories mode

A new update coming to Xbox’s mobile app will introduce a shiny new stories mode.

“This month’s update will bring you the activity feed on the Xbox app for iOS and Android in the form of stories. You will be able to create, share and view stories with your friends in the Xbox app and add priority tags for your console gaming experiences with Quality of Service (QoS) Tagging,” Xbox wrote in a blog post yesterday.

“Stories lets you showcase your skills and keep up to date with your friends. You can share your favourite gaming moments including game clips, screenshots and achievements with your friends and the Xbox community.”

This new feature will work almost identically as stories on other apps such as Instagram do.

To upload a story, you will simply need to click on the + button on your gamertag icon, and then select which media you wish to share. Then, once your chosen media has been selected, you can then add a caption at the preview stage before setting your story free and out into the world for all to enjoy.

Here is how the new stories feature will look on its arrival.

This update is currently only available in Australia; however, it will be coming to more Xbox supported regions “soon”.

Elsewhere, Xbox has announced its upcoming Games Pass titles for the first half of May.

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