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Xbox Series X will let you switch back to your ancient Xbox 360 gamerpic

Pixel it didn’t happen.

Halo 3! Xbox Live Arcade! Kinect Sports! The Xbox 360 remains a golden era for Microsoft’s gaming machines – and you will soon be able to relive it on Xbox Series X/S, by restoring your retro Xbox 360 gamerpic.

To date, your small, outdated Xbox 360 gamerpic has been lost to the mists of time if you set a larger, swankier gamerpic on newer platforms.

But now, by popular demand, Microsoft is testing an option to revive your Xbox 360 gamerpic and set it as your current avatar image on new consoles.

Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie detailed the new feature last night, as it began rolling out to a small group of testers in the Xbox Series X Alpha Skip Ahead group.

Images show your classic gamerpic – whatever it was set to the last time you used an Xbox 360 – now as an option to choose from via the Xbox Series X/S gamerpic menu.

It’s worth noting a couple of things. Firstly, this option will only let you pick your current Xbox 360 gamerpic. To change whatever this is, you’ll still need an Xbox 360 handy to log into. Also, perhaps obviously, this option will only be available if you had an Xbox 360 gamerpic in the first place.

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Why is this happening now? Well, this latest development follows an earlier tweak which saw Xbox 360 gamerpics given an Xbox Series X/S size boost, after one user complained their 15-year-old Fez pic now looked tiny on newer consoles made for beefier 4K displays.

Both that and today’s development were worked on by Marie as part of Microsoft’s Exploration Time, where employees are given half a day each week to work on projects of their choosing.

So, what should Microsoft bring back next?

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