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XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion headline PlayStation Plus’ games for June

PlayStation Plus’ games line-up for June has been revealed, and it’s another good ‘un, with XCOM 2 and Trails Fusion leading the charge on PlayStation 4.

XCOM 2, of course, is the acclaimed follow-up to Firaxis’ lauded reboot of Julian Gollop’s celebrated tactical turn-based classic, and came to PlayStation 4 in 2016. Chris Bratt loved it when he reviewed it for Eurogamer back in the day – ever-present time-limit, procedurally generated maps, and all.

“Moment to moment, the thing that makes this astonishing game truly sing is the way in which it’s managed to respond to the bad habits we picked up last time around,” said Chris as his Essential stamp came down, “Move faster, it urges. Take more risks. Become a more interesting player. XCOM 2 isn’t a reworking of the original game, then – it’s a genuine response to it.”

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