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Zelda-like adventure Blossom Tales is getting a sequel

The 2D Zelda-like Blossom Tales is getting a sequel and it’s due out on Steam and Switch on 16th August.

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King was released back in 2017 and sees the player as Lily, Knight of the Rose, saving the kingdom of Blossom, all narrated as a game-within-a-game by Grandpa.

Blossom Tales: The Minotaur Prince will follow suit with a similarly narrated story, this time influenced by classic fantasy films like The Princess Bride and Labyrinth. The brand new trailer below shows off some of the game’s bosses.

Players can expect dozens of dungeons, caves, and locations to explore, choices that influence the story, and plenty of retro action in its 15+ hours of gameplay.

The game will be published by Playtonic and will receive a physical Switch release courtesy of Limited Run Games.

If you’re yet to play the first game, it currently has 75 percent off on Steam.

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