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Lego Fortnite adds vehicles to drive and build

Lego Fortnite gets its second major update today, with the arrival of vehicles to build and drive around.

The survival crafting game, playable within Fortnite, now lets you zoom about its world in a variety of vehicles you can build and customise. These range from the single-seat Speeder quad bike to the four-seat Offroader buggy, to the huge Hauler flat-bed truck.

Vehicles are cobbled together using a selection of new parts: power cells, wheels and seats. You will need to keep your vehicles fuelled, but pleasingly, all fuel in Lego Fortnite is eco-friendly, and generated as biomass from the new Compost Bin station.


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Lego Fortnite’s cinematic trailer builds anticipation.Watch on YouTube

Today’s vehicles update follows the arrival of fishing mechanics in Lego Fortnite last month. Fish should now be even easier to find as of this latest update, thanks to the addition of docks on lakes and rivers.

Pleasingly, this latest Lego Fortnite update adds even more highly-detailed Lego styles for Fortnite’s vast array of character skins – including fan-favourites such as The Foundation, The Visitor, Guff and Sgt. Winter.

Artwork for this latest update shows a Drax skin is coming to Fortnite (and therefore also Lego Fortnite), and indeed, datamining of the update has revealed a new Guardians of the Galaxy skin pack will soon be on sale, featuring Drax, Mantis and Thicc Groot from Guardians Vol. 3.

Last week, Fortnite developer Epic Games said that Fall Guys support would continue, despite game assets and characters coming to Fortnite in May.


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