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War Thunder players leak military documents on forums, again

War Thunder players are back at it, posting more restricted military documents on the game’s forums when discussing the game’s vehicles.

This is not a rare occurence, as War Thunder players have become known for uploading military documents to win arguments against other players or to argue developer Gaijin Entertainment over the realism of the vehicles. It’s happened again, not once but twice last week.

On 11th December, one user posted training material for the Norinco VT-4 tank (as reported by Cyber Daily

). On 12th December, a user posted a manual for the M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle (as reported by Task and Purpose).

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The threads containing the documents were quickly removed by War Thunder’s moderators. Both sets of documents are unclassified, but contain sensitive information. Additionally, the M2A2 Bradley manual is export controlled.

Gaijin Entertainment founder Anton Yudintsev told Task and Purpose “we did our part in helping to limit the leak” of the M2A2 Bradley documents, but said the manual had been posted on various platforms before someone uploaded it to the War Thunder forums. “We can do nothing with what’s happening on other platforms,” Yudintsev added.

That now makes it nine times a player has leaked military documents via War Thunder in just 2023 alone, according to the documented occurrences on Wikipedia. The first leak of the year was on 16th January, when military documents were leaked twice in the same week. Talk about déjà vu.


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